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Citipointe Christian College NAPLAN results

A top performer in Queensland for 2023

Citipointe Christian College NAPLAN results have revealed an excellent performance by our 2023 cohort.
Year 5 NAPLAN results Citipointe
ranks Citipointe Christian College as 2nd in a list of top Primary schools in Queensland. The rating is based on the College’s Year 5 2023 NAPLAN results and shows the continuous growth for our Primary school from 3rd in the state in 2022. 
Citipointe Year 9 NAPLAN results
Secondary at Citipointe continues to improve, according to Year 9 NAPLAN results. The College is number 18 in the list of top high schools in Brisbane (up from number 34 in 2021).

Achieving their Academic Potential at Citipointe Christian College

At Citipointe Christian College, we are dedicated to unlocking the academic potential of every student. From the early years in Prep, our students engage in a strong literacy and numeracy program. Our unique programs provide opportunities for them to expand their knowledge, tailored to their individual needs.

Recognising the uniqueness of each student, we provide both support and extension options. Our caring staff delivers personalised plans, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to develop and thrive.

We appreciate our caring, Christian staff who diligently educate and nurture our students through the provision of engaging and interesting lessons. We thank our parents who work in partnership with us and support their students’ learning.

Date posted: January 5, 2024