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Citipointe Volleyball Brisbane

Focus Sport of Citipointe Volleyball

Volleyball is a Focus Sport at Citipointe, located in Brisbane, where passionate and committed students engage in a structured training program to develop their skills. Our Focus Sports include Volleyball, Basketball, and Football (Soccer). Furthermore, the volleyball program at Citipointe in Brisbane has consistently produced medal-winning teams and included high-performance athletes who compete at both national and international competitions.

Christian Schools Competition

Citipointe teams proudly joined the Christian Schools competition. They played exceptionally well, displaying determination, passion, excellence, and mateship. Out of eight teams, seven reached the semi-finals, and five earned medals. Well done, teams!

  • SILVER – Senior Boys
  • SILVER – Junior Boys
  • BRONZE – Senior Girls
  • BRONZE – Junior Girls
  • BRONZE – Junior Boys

Volleyball Queensland 

Citipointe joined the Senior Schools Cup with a record-breaking 290 teams from 138 schools. Our teams showcased their skills and love for the game with the Citipointe Strong spirit.

On the court, our 12 Boys Honours fought hard to win back sets but were knocked out of the running for a medal, after a valiant effort against the competition who went on to win the gold medal in the final game. Our boys finished 10th in the Division.

The 12 Girls team achieved an impressive fifth place in the 12 Girls Division 1 competition, reaching the quarterfinals—an excellent effort for Citipointe’s inaugural First VI Girls team.

The Year 11 Division 2 boys, comprising Year 9 and Year 10 students from our Volleyball development program, displayed tenacity and finished in sixth place against Year 11 students from across Queensland.

Australian Volleyball Super League

Jamie Fouche and Xander Van Driel, part of last year’s senior boys volleyball team (Class of 2022), are now the youngest players in the Australian league. Jamie is with the Queensland Pirates, and Xander plays for the Canberra Heat.

Xander, part of Volleyball Australia’s Thailand Development Tour, captained the Men’s A Team and joined the Thailand U21 junior championships.

In late August, Jamie, a Queensland Pirate, traveled to South Korea for the 2023 International University Volleyball Invitational Tournament. He played against top international teams from the USA, Europe, and Asia. Jamie also led the Queensland White Under 23 team in the Australian Youth Volleyball Championships, a new event for Under 19 and Under 23 age groups in Sydney.

Citipointe Cup: Teachers vs Students

The students ruled the game with accurate passing, clever setting, solid defense, and powerful offense. The teachers upgraded their blocking and court coverage and kept the ball in play to respond. However, it wasn’t sufficient for a win. In the final set, our students emerged victorious! An impressive win by students in the Teachers vs Students volleyball game showcased the skill and development in one of Citipointe’s focus sports. Thanks to all students, coaches, spectators, and alumni supporting volleyball at Citipointe.

Date posted: November 29, 2023